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Topics on Hydraulic Raising of Buildings
The principle of hydraulic drawing of buildings
In recent years, aluminum formwork and prefabricated components have been used more and more in the construction industry. The application of these new technologies has also brought challenges to some traditional construction methods, and the corresponding supporting processes have not kept up with it in time, resulting in a A series of problems arise. As an important link in the entire construction process, grass-roots brushing also faces challenges in its construction method.

The principle of building hydraulic brushing is to pressurize the water to an ultra-high pressure state of 200-250 MPa with a water pump. Through throttling control, it is sprayed from the nozzle to form a "water jet", which is "carved" on the concrete wall. A groove with a depth of about 1mm is formed to form a rough surface, and at the same time remove hidden dangers such as release agent and floating ash.
Process advantage
1. After brushing, tile adhesive can be used directly to tile the tiles, eliminating the need for grinding, rolling interface agent, hanging net, slurry throwing, plastering and other processes, saving time, materials and labor.
2. Efficiently solve problems such as empty drums, cracks, etc., one delivery, no risk of rework,
3. The construction efficiency is high, one piece of equipment is operated by one person, and the daily operation volume can reach 800m'.
4. Clean and environmentally friendly, no dust pollution, water can be quickly air-dried.
5. The brushing effect can be customized according to different needs (the depth of the brushing, the density, etc. are variable).
6. It is convenient to wear and push the construction, and it can be cut in at any time according to the progress of the project.
Scope of application
The high-pressure water brushing process is suitable for the base treatment of smooth shear walls, especially concrete walls and prefabricated components (PC). The traditional slurry throwing process is less effective when dealing with this kind of wall, because the wall surface of aluminum mold casting and PC board is smoother, and a large amount of mold release agent and floating ash remain on it, causing the mortar itself to be different from the wall. The bonding of the surface is not strong enough, and plastering, tiling, etc. on this unstable base layer will greatly increase the hollow rate.
High-pressure water brushing is to directly break the smooth surface of the concrete wall to form a rough surface, so that cement mortar, tile adhesive, etc. penetrate into the wall to a greater extent, increase the contact area, and also remove hidden dangers such as release agent and floating ash. , and then greatly improve the adhesion, and fundamentally solve the problem of hollowing.
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Success Case
Construction hydraulic brushing application case 01
Using hydraulic cutting technology: The rough surface is pulled out on the concrete base or wall board by high pressure water, and the surface is quickly roughened. It can reduce the quality hidden danger of hollowing caused by residual laitance and release agent at the base layer, and greatly improve the adhesion of wall tiles and the quality of wall tiles.
Construction hydraulic brushing application case 02
It is mainly used for cement concrete crushing. High-speed jet beams are formed through pressurized equipment and nozzles with specific shapes, thereby generating huge impact energy to achieve the crushing of cement concrete. At the same time, the retained part of the concrete is roughened, so that the new and old concrete have more contact surfaces and stronger bonding force.
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