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Hydraulic hoses and connectors, petrochemical and other industrial hoses and connectors, rubber compounds and rubber sealing products have become the three pillar industries of Letone. The product certifications that Letone has passed include safety standard (MA), MSHA, American Petroleum Institute (API) API-16C and API-7K, American Bureau of Shipping ABS (oil drilling equipment and steel wire braided rubber hose assembly), labor Fire certification, etc. Fully meet the needs of equipment manufacturing, oil drilling, iron and steel metallurgy, rail transit, energy, chemical and other fields.
High Pressure
In oil drilling and exploration work, it is often necessary to bear a lot of pressure. The oil drilling and production hoses produced by us can be used normally in the environment of high pressure of 200Mpa, and can transport water-based mud and oil-based mud under high pressure. The higher the pressure, the more steel wire layers are added, and the more stringent the production process requirements are. Our designers use 2-6 layers of high-strength and super-flexible steel wire or steel wire rope, which can withstand high pressure.
Equal Diameter
After the ordinary rubber hose is installed with the joint, the inner diameter of the joint part of the hose will be compressed a lot. The oil drilling and production hose we produce has the characteristics of equal diameter. When the medium flows through the joint, the generation of eddy current is reduced, the resistance is reduced, and the protection Rubber hose, avoid friction of inner layer, longer service life.
API 7K Series - Rotary Drilling and Shock Absorbing Hose, with the characteristics of light weight, API series products are 25% lighter than other ordinary coiled pipes. Lighter hoses help improve fuel economy, reduce shipping costs, and are easier to handle and install.
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"Solid" Ruojin Tang | LT301C API 7K High Pressure Cement Hose
Well cementing construction is one of the main links of drilling engineering, which lays the foundation for establishing oil and gas passages and implementing oil recovery engineering. As an important part of the cementing manifold, the high-pressure cement hose is the key to improving the quality of cementing construction. According to different construction requirements, LT301C high-pressure cement hose provides three customizations for the inner layer material: wear-resistant NR&SBR synthetic rubber, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, hydrogen sulfide (H2S)-resistant HNBR special synthetic rubber and super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant UPE. choose. In order to improve the replacement efficiency of cement slurry and ensure that the cementing vehicle can efficiently complete the cementing construction task under high pressure, the hose adopts 4-6 layers of super-strength and high-flexibility steel wire or steel wire rope as the reinforcement layer, which has high pressure resistance and tensile resistance. And other characteristics, effectively improve construction efficiency and ensure operation safety. The outer rubber layer made of wear-resistant and weather-resistant synthetic rubber has the characteristics of flame retardancy and ozone aging resistance, which greatly prolongs the service life and service cycle of the hose (ultra wear-resistant UPE outer coating can be customized).
Land & Sea | LT302 API 16C Choke and Kill Hose
At present, increasing oil and gas exploration and development is not only the need for enterprise development, but also a long-term strategy for national energy security. Letone choke and kill hose has successively obtained API product certification (16C-0403), ABS product design evaluation certification (design approval), manufacturing evaluation certification (factory license) and type approval, which means that the product is suitable for both land and sea Production Engineering. The outer rubber layer of the hose is made of high-temperature resistant and fire-resistant synthetic rubber, and the flame-retardant and high-temperature-resistant stainless steel armor is used as the outer protective layer, which further improves its fire resistance, high pressure resistance, and wear resistance. and personnel safety.
Escorting Operation Safety | LT303 API 16D BOP Well Control Hose
The well control hose is used in the well control system to remotely control the opening and closing of the blowout preventer, and to deliver hydraulic oil under high pressure. Letone Technology BOP well control hose has successively passed the quality management system certification API Q1 and Lloyd's fire resistance witness test, providing safety guarantee for on-site operations. Letone Technology BOP well control hose is based on the manufacturing process of four-layer winding high-pressure hydraulic hose, using fire-resistant rubber as the raw material for the outer rubber layer of the hose, and covering the outside of the hose body with stainless steel armor to achieve the effect of fire resistance. In the extreme case of being pressurized and burning with an open flame at 704°C, the fire resistance of Letone Technology BOP well control hose far exceeds the API standard. In addition, according to the requirements of the nominal diameter of the blowout preventer, Letone Technology BOP well control hose also has the characteristics of equal diameter (full flow). Its effective diameter exceeds 2 times the industry standard, and the flow rate is larger, which can effectively shorten the opening and closing time of the blowout preventer and ensure the safety of personnel and engineering.
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