Harsh Environment Total Long Life Mining Hose
low bend
Bending radius is 34% lower than ISO18752 Class C standard
high pressure
The pressure is 25% higher than the SAE/DIN standard.
long life
The number of hose pulses is more than 1 million times.
Zero leakage
With the use of Letone Technology's self-developed hose joints and hydrogenated nitrile seals, the service life can exceed 5 years (two years warranty).
good service
Pipeline system integration solutions, strive to provide five "province" services of "time, labor, trouble, money, and worry".
Harsh environment 1: The on-site installation environment of fully mechanized mining equipment in coal mines is poor. Coal mine fully mechanized mining equipment represented by hydraulic supports is mainly used for underground coal mining operations. Due to the narrow space and complex environment during underground coal mining operations, it is extremely difficult to install and debug coal mine fully mechanized mining equipment.
Harsh environment 2: The fully mechanized coal mining equipment is located in a harsh environment and bears a large load, thus forming a strong impact on the hydraulic system, which makes the hydraulic system prone to failure, thus affecting the safe production of coal mines.
Harsh environment 3: The complex mining environment of coal mines and changes in external factors can easily lead to wear and tear on the hydraulic pipelines of fully mechanized mining equipment such as hydraulic supports, which in turn causes the rupture of the outer rubber of the hose, the rust and fracture of the steel wires of the pipe body, and the blasting of the hose body. Hydraulic system components operate abnormally and are prone to failure. The replacement frequency is high and the replacement cost is high.
Harsh environment 4: The hose assembly made of carbon steel as the hydraulic system components of the fully mechanized mining equipment is exposed to chemical waste liquid and humid environment for a long time, and the joints are easily corroded. The running, running, dripping and leaking of production equipment and pipelines caused by corrosion will seriously affect the production cycle and equipment life of production equipment, and increase production costs.
Mine Total Growth Life Hose
Tube: Nitrile/Neoprene Synthetic Rubber for Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids.
Reinforcement layer: one layer of steel wire braid (1/2"-3/4"), pulse ≥ 300,000 times; four layers of steel wire winding (1"-2"), pulse ≥ 1 million times.
Cover layer: Standard tube: no-stripping wear-resistant, weather-resistant synthetic rubber; wear-resistant tube: no-stripping high wear-resistant, weather-resistant synthetic rubber; super wear-resistant tube: no-stripping super wear-resistant, weather-resistant UHMWPE.
Temperature range: -40℃~+121℃ (-40℉~+250℉).
Executive standard: Exceed ISO18752-AC/CC standard.
Bending radius: 41% less than ISO18752 standard; 47% less than SAE standard; 60% more pressure than SAE standard.
Pulse performance parameters of long-life hose products for mining


Number of pulses

Braided Hose (LTSA6991/LTSA6992)

Contour Hose (LTSA5991/LTSA5992/LTSA5993)

Letone Super Hercules Mining Hose

Over 600K Stable 500K

1 million times 800,000 times stable

Low temperature and ozone performance parameters of mine long-life hose products


Test performance

Low temperature performance (standard 24h)

Ozone aging (standard 72h)

Letone Super Hercules

-40℃ 48h no cracks no leakage of crimping assembly

40℃*50pphm 1440 hours without cracks, 20 times more than standard

Over the years, Letone has always adhered to the core values of "integrity-based, customer first", and unswervingly promoted the development strategy of "innovative leadership, talent training priority, rooted in lean, and bravely climbing the peak". Closely focus on the upstream and downstream industrial chains of rubber hoses to carry out technical research and development and manufacturing of polymer materials, hydraulic hoses, industrial hoses, oil drilling hoses, food and medicine hoses, rubber seals, and fluid connectors.
Series Products

Success Case
Customized R&D Case of Zhengmei Machinery
For the mining hydraulic support produced by Zhengzhou Coal Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd., the R&D team of Letone Technology went to the site for evaluation, and specially developed the low-bending, high-pressure and long-life Super Hercules low-bending series hoses to continuously improve coal mining equipment. The safety, stability and reliability of the mining equipment can completely replace the foreign mining hoses used for a long time by the mining equipment, and the important components can be controlled independently.
Beimei Machinery Customized R&D Case
For the support equipment produced by China Coal Beijing Coal Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. has extremely high requirements on the corrosion resistance of mining hydraulic hoses and joints, Letone Technology has been used in the field. According to the on-site use environment, the joint material is designed with corrosion resistance. , to provide Beimei Machinery with harsh environment solutions for mining assemblies. It can meet the requirements of conveying coal mineral oil, water-based hydraulic oil or water under extreme high pressure and harsh conditions, represented by hydraulic supports, and improve mine safety production efficiency.
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